Tips to follow before going online for the first time
Eluvers Talent / 2019-08-20 / 5min read

Over the years I have seen many girls make the same mistakes when starting out and regret them later. Having killer first two weeks are absolutely crucial for confidence building and mistakes at that stage can often times cause a lot of self doubt and lost fans.

Here is the most important detail to remember; most platforms promote new models through a ‘newbie status’. And your strategy should be to go in with enough momentum to fully capitalize all the promotion provided by the platform.

The following tips will help you execute this strategy so that you start as strong as possible.

Pick a username/identity that is memorable and stay consistent

As soon as you start camming, one thing that is guaranteed to happen is that your new fans look you up outside the platform. Very often I see camgirls pick a username that sounds so common that it gets lost in the searches leading to lost fans. Whatever you choose, simply search it up on Google to make sure a lot of unnecessary searches are not returned because that space is yours to fill up! Personally, I don’t like weird numbers or random characters and prefer usernames composed of full words that have a recall value for our models.

Once you choose the username, try to use the same one to sign up everywhere; on all the social media and on all the cam sites so that when you get a search your stuff pops up in the results.

Try to set up all your social media accounts before your first show

I actually recommend doing social media for around a week or two before you get on a cam site. The reason is that it can give you a pre-existing fanbase that can fuel your initial shows which in turn brings you even more fans.

On Reddit, some subs like /r/gonewild have a lot of eyes but will ban you once they find out you are a seller. Posting there before coming out as a camgirl will make your karma go up (which is needed for posting on seller subs aswell) and actually bring you followers to your profile. Guys message girls quite frequently asking for more content and you can link them to your cam show once you are ready to go live.

Do a trial run with a throwaway account on Chaturbate

Some sites like Chaturbate allow you to go live without getting your account verified. If you are new, this can be an excellent way to shake off the lack of experience, figure out technical issues and gain some confidence being naked in front of a camera. It will make sure that when you are ready to go in as a verified model your initial shows go smooth and you are able to fully monetize your new model status. The only catch is that you don’t get paid until you do that but that’s easy.

Make sure to still promote your social media so that once you sign up for a verified account any fans you pick up can find you.

Setup your account properly

Most platforms come with built-in features to help viewers find shows. Setting your profile up with appropriate text will make sure that relevant traffic gets routed to your show.

For Chaturbate you can do this by having a text based profile and tags to categorize your show. If you can squirt, make sure its mentioned in the tags or description!

Go on frequently during the first few weeks but don’t burn out

I know going online can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. For the first few weeks, you may end up overworking yourself and eventually burn out after a few days. This can leave a gap in your online presence. Some girls keep going on / off the whole day in short segments out of excitement and curiosity but that can end up actually turning off fans.

It’s highly recommended that you do it with a bit of discipline and spend your energy wisely. I recommend doing 4 hour shows 4-5 times a week around the same time every day. Pick a time which covered between 10pm to 2am in a first world metropolitan city, especially on weekends. Spend the rest of your time posting on social media as much as you can.

Most importantly take good breaks! If you are making money from your body make sure you keep it healthy and well functioning.

Don’t worry about people in the room. Focus on having fun with yourself.

This is something that cam girls absolutely dread; an empty room. While following these tips will prevent it as much as possible this really does happen. The worst thing you can do in this situation is for you to lose composure and show any desperation for attention or tokens. Negative vibes almost always scare people away for good.

The solution is to fake it till you make it. The important thing to remember is that your value comes from the fact that you are a cool, sexually open entertainer who is simply flaunting her body because that is what she loves to do. Try to checkout the girls on the front page and emulate what they are doing. Fake it till you make it. Masturbate as if tonnes of tips are flowing in and talk like you have a room full of people. Law of Attraction will drive people to you!

Time the launch launch for your show

As I stressed before, we have to take advantage of the newbie status as much as possible. There are always events going on around the world that have the potential of stealing away viewership for you show. Don’t start close a significant world event and keep an eye out for any big sports event.

On a personal level, make sure you have the time, physical health and mental energy to spend a good 2-3 weeks consistently on cam. Don’t start after a breakup. Don’t start if your period is starting next week. Don’t start if you have any exams coming up.

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