The Phat Cat Theory of Camming
Eluvers Editorial Team / 2019-08-20 / 4min read

I have been seeing a lot of posts Reddit and getting a lot of messages from models with concerns regarding giving out their content for free. More often than not the concerns stem from a misunderstanding of what the business is and I just wanted to write a quick post to help clarify what value you offer as a cam girl and how you can maximize your earnings by developing a proper mindset for this work.

What you are selling and what guys are buying

This what a lot of new cam models get wrong. You are not selling pictures, videos or live streams. Guys are not buying pictures, videos or live streams.

Back in the day, when access to porn was difficult and society was conservative, porn in any format had inherent value due to scarcity. The Internet has changed it all. As we currently stand, there is an infinite supply of free porn out there on the Internet for every permutation of genres and personal characteristics imaginable; amateur, BBC, big tits, petite, bikini etc. You name it and it is probably available for free. However, as we can learn from economics, whenever any market approaches infinite supply, the value of goods gradually goes to zero.

You are not selling pictures, videos or live streams. Guys are not buying pictures, videos or live streams.

So if the value of the goods you sell is zero, what are guys even willing to pay for? The answer is an interactive, personalized experience. For most guys, access to cool sexually empowered girls is rare. They don’t meet them in real life; it is costly to meet women outside their social circle; going to clubs, Tinder dates, etc is all time consuming, has a lot of competition and leads to exhaustion. Sure they can watch studio porn but it is impersonal and at the back of the head they know it is not real. You simply come in and fill that void through your services in exchange for money as a hot normal accessible girl who then can talk to.

A picture of your boobs has no value but the interaction with you, a sexually open cute girl next door who the guy can talk to and interact with has value. The picture is simply a way of carrying out the interaction just like a Lovense, videos, tip goals on cam sites, etc.

The Phat Cat Theory of Sex Work

Now that we understand what value you offer I want to shed some light on where the bulk of your money will come from. Every experienced sex worker knows that most of their money comes from a few regular customers. I like to call them Phat Cats. In cam work, they will give you tips, buy your physical items, buy your clips, interact with you on your chat and retweet you on Twitter even if you have some content available for free. Focusing on them should be your highest priority.

In physical sex work, the transactions happen in private but that is almost impossible for online sex work. Once you put yourself on the Internet your content will live on it forever and there is no point fighting it. Embrace this fact and even voluntarily put out free teasers everywhere you can. Yes, freeloaders will watch it but more importantly, it will help you advertise yourself and bring you more Phat Cats in the long run.

Free content is the cost of doing business. It is an advertisement and every successful business need to spend energy on it. For catching paid customers, freebies on open sites like PornHub is your advertisement. You can still make money when they sit in your live shows, request custom clips and buy your panties, etc.

How to catch Phat Cats

Here are a few general tips to make sure you catch, retain and monetize as many Phat Cats as possible (Quiz: a lot of these tips have a common theme, what is it?):

  • If you’re serious about money don’t half-ass this. A lot of girls want to make a few extra dollars and try to do it while hiding their faces and doing it irregularly. That is fine but for serious money, you have to do this as a lifestyle. Ideally, you are someone, who genuinely loves sex, gets turned on by attention and is 100% comfortable with flaunting their body online regardless of what people think. Top cam girls are all like that.
  • Create a unique persona for your online life. Remember, what separates you from free porn is your living breathing personality. If you're into Star Wars, the content of "that cute girl who I talk to every week and is obsessed with Star Wars like me" will be much more appealing thana 5-minute video of some random girl's.
  • Never get involved in any negativity online; don’t fight freeloaders, don't respond to trolls, don’t engage in heated political discussions, etc even though you are selling private access to your lifestyle. Invite everyone to come to hang out around your content and make them stay and pay. If you identify a Phat Cat focus on keeping them around and monetizing the interaction.
  • Focus on enjoying yourself and expect money to be a side product. Having the “pay for my pics or GTFO” attitude does not work too well as I explained before. Any desperation for money can be sensed and will lead to less income. Instead focus on something like: “Hey welcome! Just bought a new toy and can’t wait to reach the tip goals so I can finally try it out”. Happily try that toy even if you don’t make enough tips on that night!
  • Cast a wide net for your Phat Cats. Sign up on all social media and sell things wherever you can.

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