Preventing and Dealing with bans on Twitter and Instagram
Eluvers Talent / 2019-08-22 / 3min read

Every cam girl knows that social media sites like Instagram and Twitter are some of the best places to get some attention. Since everyone and their grand-dad uses them, these platforms can help girls build, retain and engage a fanbase that can then be converted to sales fairly easily. However, recent controversies have caused these platforms to start policing the content posted on them through vague terms and conditions leading to unpredictable bans and lost followers.

Since there is currently no way to accurately predict what adult content will get an account banned, the best way to keep your account safe is to follow some precautions. Here is a brief summary of all the tricks I have been using to promote my models on each of the platforms mentioned above. Note that because of ever changing policies, I don’t guarantee 100% success but it may still help you avoid some bans.

General Tips

Never...pick...fights...ever...anywhere. You are already in a vulnerable position doing this so picking fights will never bring anything positive to you. Instead, confrontations will lead to haters who may report your accounts out of vengeance. Ignore people who waste your time and focus on finding people who are willing to pay.

Don’t try to hijack SFW hashtags. If you try to get attention by riding a trending hashtag not dedicated to selling adult content, it will lead to people reporting your account for obscenity.

Avoid posting anything illegal. Showing guns, drugs or any illicit items will only increase your chances of getting banned.

Post everywhere and cross-promote your accounts. This serves as insurance policy to keep fans around even if one platform blocks you. I highly recommend signing up for Reddit, Fetlife and ManyVids along with mainstream social media because they all support adult content.


As it currently stands, Twitter is one of the most lenient places to promote as an adult content maker. They generally allow everything from light nudity to hardcore porn. From their rules page, they allow some forms of … adult content in Tweets as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Mark your content as sensitive. Check this help section on Twitter for instructions.
  • Don’t post adult content to live feed
  • Don’t post any adult content to your header or profile picture


Unlike Twitter, Instagram’s policies are extremely vague and there is no way of telling what gets banned. However here are a few tips that will minimize your chances of getting banned:

  • Don’t post a lot of pics and videos together. Leave some gap between multiple posts. Frequent posting puts your account in the Instagram radar as a spammer.
  • Don’t post anything sexual. Instagram doesn’t really define what it considers obscene. Sometimes, full nudity will be allowed and other times even bikini pictures can get you blocked. To be safe, avoid showing any pictures with exposed nipples, spreading (even covered) and sexual touching.
  • Check hashtags before using them. Instagram can easily detect the nature of a post if a banned hashtag is used. The simplest way to make sure that a hashtag is allowed is to manually search it and see if the Recents tab has a ban notice. Only post if you see content being posted actively.
  • Make your Instagram private. One strategy that can be used to promote your account is making your account private and asking multiple promo pages to get attention. This lifts the risk from your account and puts it on the promo page. To promote manually yourself, visit as many profiles as possible and use the follow/unfollow trick on them with your private profile to make them follow you back out of curiosity.
  • Run two Instagram accounts at one time. Make one private Instagram and use it without posting anything risque. Only add your long term fans to it and use a second account for active promotion.

Dealing with bans

If your account gets permanently banned the only known way to get it back is to report it as hacked as soon as possible. This doesn’t always work but can help you restore your profile in some cases.

Sometimes, Instagram shadow bans your account which prevents you from being discovered through hashtags. To check if you are shadow banned, post something using any hashtag and ask your friends if they they can see your post by searching the hashtag from their account. If they can’t find your post it means you are shadow banned. In order to remove this ban, remove all hashtags from your posts and stop using your account for a while.