Guide To Selling Nudes on Reddit
Eluvers Talent / 2019-08-22 / 3min read

Reddit is undoubtedly one of the wildest websites on the internet right now. Given its free nature and love for self expression, it is shaping up to be one of the best places on the internet for sex workers to sell anything and everything from custom clips to panties to complete private cam sessions. Unlike Instagram and some other social media sites, not only do some communities encourage this line of work, Reddit attracts like-minded buyers to connect with sellers making it an excellent and no cost market-place for adult items.

Reddit has been my go to place for promoting cam girls and by popular request I have decided to give out my guide absolutely free of cost to all new models interested in doing this work.

How to setup your profile

Start by picking up a memorable username (and identity). One of the most important mistakes new girls make is to start working without thinking about branding. Just like Mercedes Benz makes you think about luxury and class, it is important to pick an alias that will be uniquely identifiable and gives a microsecond advertisement on what your content will be like. For example:

Bluephoenix23435 means absolutely nothing.


SweetLittleSquirter instantly communicates what you are about!

I advise you keep all your IDs consistent on all the websites and use a real names that have a recall value.

I encourage all models to cast their net wide and cross promotion is a major part of it. Thankfully, recently Reddit added a new profile feature to achieve just that! To add your links:

Go to User Settings

  1. Open the Profile tab
  2. Add all your links to Chaturbate, BongaCams, FanCentro, Fetlife, Instagram, Snapchat etc etc
  3. Select the NSFW option . You will not be able to post any nudes without this.

Create your own Sub-Reddit

It is necessary to keep your fans around and you can become easy to forget among other girls posting in popular subs. One way to keep fans around is to create your own sub and advertise all your new content there.

Having your own Sub-Reddit gives you unlimited freedom to post anything you want without restriction.

Where you should post

In short...everywhere.

Any publicity is good publicity. I recommend finding and posting on as many NSFW SubReddits as you possibly can...even if they are not dedicated to selling!

Subs like /r/gonewild and their niche spin-offs get ALOT of views and will only lead to more clicks on your profile. You should post here before any other groups for a week or two since once you start selling you will not be allowed to post there anymore. It will give you an instant karma boost that i often required to post on other subs. Here’s my personal favorites:




For selling here are a few but I recommend finding more:













Two sub-reddits I manage personally:



The reason I created these is to give new models a fair chance so everyone is welcome!

What you should post

This is another area a lot of models struggle with in my experience specially when I ask them to post some content for free.

Free??? I charge $20/clip!

Think of it as the free food samples you get in a supermarket. They get you hooked and then you come back for more! Advertisement has a cost but is crucial for every business.

Here is the formula I like to use. On non-seller sub-reddits, aim to post according to the theme and rules. For subs dedicated to selling, post explicit content. A teaser with a mix of a few second long sections from your full clip, specially a section around the climax brings the most viewers in my experience.

The human eye is attracted to moving things so it is preferable to post GIFs and videos. If your preview has a lot of movement it will attract much more attention. Stills work great too if you stand out by using a prop or interesting clothing.

It is good to find a niche that works for you. However, if you’re out of ideas try the following time tested niches:

  • Interracial
  • Oversized toys
  • Squirting
  • Waterplay
  • Teen
  • Milf