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In the past couple of years, the porn industry has changed rapidly. With internet and recording equipment so readily available, anyone can now create porn and make it available to thousands of viewers with minimal effort. Porn is moving from big studios into the hands of individuals who chose to express their sexuality the way they want.

Due to this drastic change however, the performers in the industry now face new challenges. Amateur creators although independent are now left to deal with everything themselves; managing a schedule, producing high quality clips, promoting yourself, dealing with scams, networking with other performers and figuring out technical problems can often be overwhelming. Most performers work alone and end up feeling socially isolated from not being around people who understand what they do.

And this is why we founded Eluvers Talent. We are a unique talent management company located in Canada with the goal of helping amateur adult performers find their community and succeed in this new industry. We discreetly do all the difficult work in the background while allowing you to focus on producing your content and managing your relationships with fans through your own unique brand.

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Avoid the stress and let us do the dirty work while you focus on doing what you love to do.
We work with models of all color, shapes, experience levels, and sexual orientation.